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The Gurus mentioned the performance of selfless service on the part of a disciple as the first step in Sikhism. By doing service of various kinds without payment or any expectation of reward, one acts as a Sewak, or Sewadar. From this may spring humility and the consequent elimination of one's ego in this way, God's "Name" can best ... more

Kes Pyar Mohim

One of the pressing problems in Sikhism today is that the youths are reluctant to keep unshorn hair. So the supreme council of GGSSC has taken this issue on priority basis. This drive has been initiated by GGSSC to highlight the significance of kes (hair) in the Sikh History and to bring back those youths who have cut ... more

Nasha Chadao Mohim

Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle is working vigorously for drug abuse prevention for the last three decades. Preventing our youth from falling prey to these deadly drugs is very high on our agenda. Today, the drug menace has engulfed nearly all sections of society. It is causing huge health and economic loss, besides breaking the moral fabric of the society. The problem is more acute in rural Punjab, where use of these intoxicants is rampant. As per a survey conducted by Department of Social Security Development of Women and Children, 67% of the rural households ... more

Sehaj Path Mohim

On the eve of 400 years Parkash Purab of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, this activity has been taken on the priority basis. Movement of doing the Sehaj Paath of Guru Granth Sahib self by every person is in-force on higher level. In this, proper pronunciation of "Gurbani" is taught so that everyone is able to read and understand gurbani which will result in bringing people close to the concept of "Shabad Guru". It is also mentioned in the Sikh Code of ... more

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